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And now for something a bit different from what I have published here in the past: ¬†After a hiatus of 1.3 years caused by a combination of some contretemps with my former web-host after they had changed management, plus a severe shortage of time ( in turn caused by the great speed-up which corporations all over the country, full of the hubris fed by the Little Depression, are inflicting on their employees) … after a hiatus of 1.3 years, I was saying, I finally brought back up the website I built to publish my late father’s invention, dam-atoll, a dome-shaped device that captures energy from ocean waves and converts it into electricity.

Three core sections lie at the heart of the website: ¬†1) a discussion in layperson’s terms of how dam-atoll works, 2) a video showing a 1-to-100 scale model of the invention at work (this section still in progress), and 3) SCATTERING AND ABSORPTION OF SURFACE WAVES BY ARTHUR’S ISLAND, a mathematical paper my father wrote determining the shape of the dome that is optimal for capturing the maximum possible amount of ocean-wave energy (getting this paper online, with all of its math, is also a work in progress).

Even though so far, only a 1-t0-100 scale model of the device has been build, dam-atoll has found its way into a number of College and even High School courses because of the mathematical-cum-engineering elegance, simplicity and beauty of its solution to the wave-energy problem.