Nico di Angelo Finally Tells Percy Jackson

Towards the very end of  Rick Riordan’s wonderful THE BLOOD OF OLYMPIANS (book 5 in his consistently wonderful The HEROES OF OLYMPUS series), Nico di Angelo (son of Hades/Pluto) finally reveals his secret in a nicely anti-climactic way to Percy (son of Poseidon/Neptune), after the 7 demi-gods have saved the world.  Nico has grown into a solid, affirmative character by now, so that I can actually emphathize with him.  He has grown out of the limitations of being a child of a very repressive era, the 1940’s (long story).  Now he is a very close second to Leo in the ‘who is my favorite demi-god hero’ contest (Jason Grace coming in third).  Percy’s reaction is pure Percy Jackson, which Percy Jackson-ness Riordan limns with his usual wit, humor and heart:

Nico studied his face — his sea green eyes, his grin, his ruffled black hair.  Somehow Percy Jackson seemed like a regular guy now, not a mythical figure.  Not someone to idolize or crush on.

“So,” Nico said, “since we’re going to be spending at least a year seeing each other at camp, I think I should clear the air.”

Percy’s smile wavered.  “What do you mean?”

“For a long time,” Nico said, “I had a crush on you.  I just wanted you to know.”

Percy looked at Nico.  Than at Annabeth [Annabeth Chase, daughter of Athena/Minerva.  She and Percy Jackson, whom she calls ‘Seaweed Brain”, are an item.], as if to check that he’d heard correctly.  Then back at Nico.  “You –“

“Yeah,” Nico said.  “You’re a great person.  But I’m over that.  I’m happy for you guys.”

“You … so you mean — “


Annabeth’s gray eyes started to sparkle.  She gave Nico a sideways smile.

“Wait,” Percy said.  “So you mean — “

“Right,” Nico said again.  But it’s cool.  We’re cool.  I mean, I see now … you’re cute, but you’re not my type.”

“I’m not your type. . . Wait.  So — “

“See you around, Percy,” Nico said.  “Annabeth.”

She raised her hand for a high five.

Nico obliged.  Then he walked back across the green, where Will Solace [who, as son of Apollo, the god of medicine and healing, serves as the camp’s medic.  Riordan strongly hints that he is gay and that he and Nico are becoming an item] was waiting.

p. 488



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