They Were Brought Together By Effort; They Came Together Spontaneously

I’m in back of a red Volkswagen bus (Westphalia model) that my mother is driving in Phoenix, Arizona.

I spot a sign through the front window.  I just learning how to read, and I make a slow effort to sound out the letters. God knows how many seconds this took.  Not so many, at any rate, that we did not pass the sign before I had gathered together all of the letters.

F*I*R*E*S*T*O*N*E.  Firestone!  The sign is for a Firestone location!

Wonderment at the sounds and letters coming together to mean something, no matter how ordinary.  (And back then even Firestone franchises were still new enough to me to be not quite ordinary.)


I am in the Philippines.  Jamby (a handsome, warm, macho young man in his early twenties) says something in Tagalog to me.  I hear just a continuous stream of unintelligible sounds.  Then, a fraction of a second later, the discrete words ‘doon’, ‘maruming’, and ‘damit’ separate themselves out from the continuous stream of sounds.  Then another fraction of a second later, the words connect themselves in my mind grammatically.  Oh!  he is asking me where my dirty clothes are!

Wonderment at the sounds and words spontaneously separating themselves out from the stream and then, equally spontaneously, gathering themselves together to mean something, no matter how mundane.

About Cliff Wirt

I created this blog as a means of getting my thoughts in order about whatever topics I am interested in at the moment. These are always topics for which getting my thoughts in order is a bit of a challenge, so I expect most of my attempts to fail. (I keep trying, though.) I am not responsible for any brain damage the reader may incur from these posts. They (intentional use of 'they' as the epicene singular pronoun) are hereby warned. . . . Who am I? I am a banking DBA with various and sundry interests, including art, poetry, philosophy, music, languages, relational algebra, database administration, and blueberries. Don't forget the blueberries. Some of these interests tie in in surprising though usually tangential ways with database theory. Even the blueberries. I have published one article in a Philosophy Journal, and I have one painting in a corporate collection (housed in what used to be the Amoco building in Chicago). According to 23andMe, my paternal haplogroup is I2 (40% of the male population of Sardinia has this haplogroup, though I believe that my particular variation originated further north in the Baltic area. The Basques are apparently close cousins.), my maternal is H5. The Neanderthal percentage of my ancestry is 3%. (Let no one impugn my knuckle-dragging bonafides!) My most famous ancestor is William Wirt (from whom I get my last name, though possibly not my Y chromosome), who defended the rights of the Cherokees before the Supreme Court, and ran for President in 1832, carrying one state. My homepage is at My FaceBook page is at My LinkedIn page is at View all posts by Cliff Wirt

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